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Horse Supplements

Your horse's top condition is our main focus. We support where needed, with equine nutritional supplements and vitamins that promote physical and mental well-being.

How do we make a difference?

Global medics develops high-quality supplements with an extensive range in veterinary products.
Our products are "Feed chain Alliance" certified.

Safe, healthy and efficient

All products are produced in an FCA-certified facility and are tested in laboratories such as LCH in Paris before production.

Innovative development

Due to strict doping laws, more and more people are opting for safe, natural alternatives such as supplements instead of medication.

Complete range of supplements

The use of proper nutritional supplements helps optimize (sports) performance.

High quality products

Highly dosed composition of products to ensure absorption into the body.

About global medics


Your horse's top condition is the focus at Global Medics.
We support where needed, with nutritional supplements and vitamins that promote physical and mental well-being. The range of nutritional supplements for horses has been developed in collaboration with specialized equine physicians, surgeons and researchers. Together we ensure that your horses feel good about themselves, are healthy and stay fresh. All Global Medics products can be used long-term without adverse side effects on the body.

At Global Medics , the common thread of our story is innovation. The supplements are innovative, effective, and meet the highest standards of safety, health and regulatory guidelines.

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Julien DHuman Healthcare
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I am very satisfied with the supplements from Global Medics. I have carried many heavy loads during my life resulting in a lot of back pain. Thanks to Arti-Forte+ I have no more pain. I can only recommend the products!
Marijn S. Animal Healthcare
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On the advice of my veterinarian, I use the supplements from Global Medics. The products deliver on all the promises! My horses are top fit. Definitely recommended!
Frank H. Human Healthcare
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Despite being a very athletic type, my right knee had been bothering me for years. Until I discovered Arti Forte+ from Global Medics . After those months two tablets a day, my pain has completely disappeared and I feel completely back to my old self. I am 63 years old and I can walk, bike and play soccer with my grandchildren again as before.
Marleen D. Animal Healthcare
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My horse has osteoarthritis on his vertebrae and I feel it is important to give him proper support. I keep my horse's joints supple with Arti-Gold. Because he has less pain we still enjoy our weekly rides in the woods in nature.
Mieke W. Human Healthcare
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The composition in Arti-Forte+ helps reduce the pain due to osteoarthritis in my joints. This product was recommended by my specialist. I am very satisfied with it as it actually has an effect.
Dieter H. Animal Healthcare
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P-Block is an indispensable product during multi-day competitions. The horses stay fit until the last day and do not suffer from stiff joints and muscles.
Constant Van PaesschenAnimal Healthcare
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I use Hemachol mainly on horses that have a little less blood. On the one hand, this product stimulates the production of red blood cells and increases the energy supply to the muscles. On the other hand, it has a purifying effect on the liver. There is a noticeable difference after administering Hemachol.