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Lactalyse is a liquid supplement suited for horses undergoing heavy, intense physical exertion.

The formula contains such as Lacta-Fort the amino acid beta-alanine, which increases muscle endurance. Together with the amino acid l-histidine, it forms the dipeptide "carnosine." The higher the carnosine content in the muscles, the less acidification and muscle fatigue occurs during exercise. Furthermore, this dietary supplement contains l-valine. Together with l-histidine they are involved in various metabolic reactions in the body and ensure an optimal supply of oxygen and energy the to organs and various tissues. The magnesium citrate present reduces muscle tension resulting in reduced lactic acid production in the muscles.

Finally, Lactalyse contains specifically selected vitamins that are crucial for optimal energy metabolism and for the smooth removal of waste products. As a result, the horses gain significantly more stamina and the lactic acid production in the muscles decreases. The horses are fitter, less fatigued and recover faster so they can achieve top performance until the end of the competition period.


400 ml

Liquid formula

Rapid absorption

Free of doping substances

When is Lactalyse used?

  • Before, during and after strenuous exercise*
  • During multi-day competitions
  • During long transports

*For horses exposed to strenuous exercise, a combination of Lactalyse and P-Block is recommended.


Composition: Feed materials: red beet juice, glycerol, magnesium citrate, dextrose.
Additives: Trace elements: iron(II) chelate of glycine hydrate (3b108) 2,200 mg/kg. Aromatic substances: beta-alanine (2b17001) 65,000 mg/kg, l-histidine (2b17008) 20,000 mg/kg, l-valine (2b17028) 2,500 mg/kg, d,l-isoleucine (2b17010) 1,500 mg/kg, l-leucine (2b17012) 1,500 mg/kg

Packaging & dosage


  • Bottle of 400 ml


  • 30 ml per horse, administer orally the evening before competition and administer another 30 ml orally three to four hours before the start of competition or veterinary inspection
  • Cure of 13 days
  • Do not exceed the recommended amount
  • Do not feed to ruminants

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On the advice of my veterinarian, I use the supplements from Global Medics. The products deliver on all the promises! My horses are top fit. Definitely recommended!
Marleen D. Animal Healthcare
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Constant Van PaesschenAnimal Healthcare
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