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Proper breathing affects your horse's performance

The respiratory system is a large and important part of a horse. To be precise, a horse's lung capacity amounts to as much as

Global Medics joints

In the equine world, joint disorders are all too common. Injuries to joints and surrounding tissues in horses are among the biggest

Are licks beneficial for your horse?

After our blog on electrolytes, our nutritionist thought it would be a perfect time to talk a little more about licks. They are in

Electrolytes for horses -. Global Medics

If you are active within equestrian sports, you have probably already heard about the term "electrolytes. You may also know that a

vitamine E

We can't escape it: the days are getting shorter and colder and that can only mean one thing ... Winter is coming! But


Of course, in equestrian sports it is not only important for the rider to be in top form, the horse remains the most important athlete. Therefore

Global Medics Human Healhtcare products

Global Medics has gained name recognition in equestrian sports for its high-quality supplements. At national and international competitions, the products are often in

osteoarthritis in sport horses arti-sport global medics

The age at which a horse performs at its best is usually around age 12. Nevertheless, there are also several horses that


What is green-lipped mussel? The green-lipped mussel is a mollusk that lives in the waters of Marlborough Sounds in Australia. As the name suggests

Photo by Constant van Paesschen

Constant van Paesschen is one of Global Medics's sponsored riders. "I am already very satisfied with the products," begins van