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Why proper nutritional support for foals is important from the start The first stage of life is a crucial period for growth and

Discover essential horse care tips during the winter. Learn how to strengthen resistance, keep joints supple and effectively address winter ailments such as mug.

Horses need optimal vitamine E-levels in the blood to function properly. A deficiency of vitamine E can cause

Digestion in horses is a very sensitive process. Therefore, it is important to provide adequate support on the one hand, and on the other hand

The respiratory system is a large and important part of a horse. To be precise, a horse's lung capacity amounts to as much as

In the equine world, joint disorders are all too common. Injuries to joints and surrounding tissues in horses are among the biggest

If you are active within equestrian sports, you have probably already heard about the term "electrolytes. You may also know that a

Global Medics has gained name recognition in equestrian sports for its high-quality supplements. At national and international competitions the products are widely in

What is green-lipped mussel? The green-lipped mussel is a mollusk that lives in the waters of Marlborough Sounds in Australia. As the name suggests