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Joint Supplements

At Global Medics , we believe that a clear mind in a powerful body provides the perfect balance. The right diet can contribute to this, complemented by the right nutritional supplements. Our supplements for joint health ensure that you stay healthy, both physically and mentally. With our range of Human Healthcare supplements, we support where needed.



Enhanced formula with hyaluronic acid

A highly balanced composition of bodily substances and herbs that support joint cartilage.



Classic formula

Keeps joints supple and provides optimal joint lubrication.

Arti-Sport human


Classic formula + B vitamins to boost energy levels

Ensures optimal function of joints and muscles.



Soothing effect on stiff joints

Contains specifically selected herbs.


Julien DHuman Healthcare
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I am very satisfied with the supplements from Global Medics. I have carried many heavy loads during my life resulting in a lot of back pain. Thanks to Arti-Forte+ I have no more pain. I can only recommend the products!
Frank H. Human Healthcare
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Despite being a very athletic type, my right knee had been bothering me for years. Until I discovered Arti Forte+ from Global Medics . After those months two tablets a day, my pain has completely disappeared and I feel completely back to my old self. I am 63 years old and I can walk, bike and play soccer with my grandchildren again as before.
Mieke W. Human Healthcare
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The composition in Arti-Forte+ helps reduce the pain due to osteoarthritis in my joints. This product was recommended by my specialist. I am very satisfied with it as it actually has an effect.