Equi T-Gel


Global Medics Equi T-Gel based on arnica and highly oxygenated essential oils relieve tired tendons and muscles after exercise. This doping-free gel stimulates the removal of waste products and contributes to the recovery of tissues resulting from overexertion. The gel has a cooling and decongesting effect on overworked muscles and tendons. This unique composition greatly reduces bruising and swelling and accelerates the regeneration of underlying tissues. As a result, this product works very effectively in pain relief as a result of strenuous exercise.

Equi T-Gel is a liquid gel that penetrates the skin quickly and does not feel greasy. It is quickly and easily absorbed by the skin and the fresh scent makes the product very pleasant to use.



When is Equi T-Gel used?

  • After strenuous efforts to relieve tendons and muscles

Directions for use: Apply and massage into sensitive tendons and muscles such as the horse's legs and back. The horse's legs can be wrapped with a rest bandage if desired. Always apply to clean skin. For external use only.


Arnica and oxygenated essential oils.

Packaging & dosage

  • Tube of 250ml
  • Pot of 2 l

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