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Nutritional joint support for horses

In the equine world, joint disorders are all too common. Injuries to joints and surrounding tissues in horses are among the greatest fears of every horse owner, whether the horse in question is a top athlete, a beloved senior horse or a broodmare with a precious cargo. Horses with joint problems struggle to perform optimally, may experience discomfort and their careers may be unintentionally shortened.

Each year veterinarians spend countless hours on the difficult task of restoring lame horses to full health and optimal performance. Veterinarians increasingly believe that a horse's own body can contribute to its own recovery with the right resources. By administering specific vitamins and minerals, the joints are preventively supported. In addition, supplements help contribute to the recovery process after an injury.

The five most common causes of joint disease in horses

The body reacts when an inflammatory response occurs and this is an important part of the healing process. However, prolonged exposure to inflammation is harmful and is a major contributor to joint problems in horses.

Excessive free radicals
Free radicals can break down the hyaluronic acid in the synovial fluid. This synovial fluid is important to protect the joints, lubricate them and allow smooth movement.

Some horses inherit a tendency to develop osteoarthritis based on genetic predisposition.

Heavy exertion
Injuries caused by heavy exertion often contribute to the development of joint problems, despite the fact that exercise is essential for the flexibility and maintenance of healthy joints.

Natural aging process
Normal joint wear is a result of both daily routine and physical activity. The aging process is accelerated by prolonged exposure to free radicals and inflammation.

What ingredients are essential in an equine joint supplement?

Global Medics joint supplements such as Arti-Gold, Arti-Sport or Top-Joint contain essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements for a horse's daily health, and have been developed in clinical practice to influence the speed and quality of healing after orthopedic surgery. Glucosamine and powerful antioxidants help reduce inflammatory reactions in the body and have a soothing effect on the musculoskeletal system.

Global Medics joint supplements go above and beyond to keep your horse's joints in top condition. The ingredients are carefully selected to create a synergistic effect resulting in continuous support for your horse's joints. A combination of ingredients including Glucosamine, Collagen, MSM, Devil's Claw, Hyaluronic Acid and others help keep the joint fluid supple and promote recovery after damage to surrounding tissues occurs.

The importance of prevention is being highlighted more than ever through clinical studies. It has been shown that conventional therapies prescribed by your veterinarian combined with nutritional support through supplements keep horse joints healthier over time.

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