Top-Competition for performance horses

Top-Competition - Global Medics Horse Supplements

In equestrian sports, it is obviously not only important that the rider is in top shape, the horse remains the most important athlete. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your horse feels good. This way your horse can perform in the most optimal way. We at Global Medics have understood this very well: We developed the supplement Top-Competition, which was created specifically to support sport horses.

Top-Competition offers support during competition days

Horses put in exceptional performances during a competition. Especially when it’s a multi-day event. These efforts can lead to stiffness in the muscles, less energy, irritation in the joints and lowered immunity. These factors cause horses to feel less fresh by the end of the competition. Consequently, if your horse has less energy, experiences stiff muscles and joints or suffers from lowered immunity, he will perform less well. Top-Competition contains ingredients that are active as anti-oxidants. This product also contains numerous B vitamins that provide a true energy boost. Ingredients such as boswellia serrata, salix alba, ribes nigrum, BCAA’s and many other ingredients ensure that horses experience less discomfort in their muscles and joints. The above mentioned ingredients work as natural pain killers and as support in the energy supply to the muscles.

Your horse will feel better, will be more supple and will recover faster after a heavy effort. In short: Top-Competition ensures that horses feel good. This way that they can continue to perform at the best level.