Good muscle building occurs through optimization of training and nutrition. The best results are therefore obtained by Muscle-Care combine with a balanced training schedule. This product not only supports the creation of muscle tissue but also improves energy and oxygen transport to the muscles, reducing muscle acidification and keeping muscles supple.

Muscle-Care contains amino acids such as L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine, also called BCAA. These amino acids are the building blocks of protein making them indispensable in a muscle supplement. BCAA allow proteins to be converted into muscle tissue. These amino acids also ensure fast recovery and maximum muscle growth during training.

The amino acid L-carnitine reduces muscle fatigue and increases the supply of nutrients to the muscles. Proteins and amino acids are necessary building blocks for the production of new muscle cells and to strengthen muscle mass. B vitamins activate natural energy in horses and affect metabolism. They release energy from nutrients and have a positive effect on muscle energy consumption.



Balanced formula

Developed by veterinarians

Free of doping substances

When is Muscle-Care used?

  • After long periods of rest
  • In young stallions, as preparation for stallion selections
  • In performance horses, to optimize performance
  • Young horses with little muscle mass


Whey powder, maltodextrins

Vitamins and provitamins:
L-carnitine L-tartrate (3a911) 75,000 mg/kg, thiamine HCl (vit B1, 3a820) 10,000 mg/kg, riboflavin (vit B2) 10,000 mg/kg, calcium D-pantothenate (vit B5, 3a841) 5,000 mg/kg, niacinamide (vit B3, 3a315) 3,300 mg/kg.

Aromatic substances:
L-Leucine (2b17012) 100,000 mg/kg, L-Arginine (2b17003) 100,000 mg/kg, D,L-Isoleucine (2b17010) 100,000 mg/kg, L-Valine (2b17028) 100,000 mg/kg, L-Phenylalanine (2b17018) 66,700 mg/kg, Beta-alanine (2b17001) 20,000 mg/kg.

Amino acids:
L-Lysine HCl 75,000 mg/kg

Packaging & dosage


  • Bucket of 2 kilograms (cure of 50 days)


  • 1 scoop (40 grams) per horse, per day
    (The dose may be increased 2 weeks prior to competition or stallion selection
    to 2 scoops per day)

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