Joint problems in performance horses

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Joint problems in performance horses

The age at which a horse performs best is generally around twelve years old. But there are also many older horses that continue to compete at the highest level. Even when joint problems in performance horses are very common. But how do you ensure that an older horse always feels happy in his work? A few tips.

“I think it’s especially important to keep your horse moving,” says a physiotherapist who specializes in horses. “The longer your horses stay motionless, the more likely it is that their muscles and joints will become stiffer. You’ll want to avoid this at all costs. You don’t necessarily have to ride every day. Walking in the meadow can be enough. In addition, walking or simply hacking or walking your horse a hand are very good solutions to keep your horse moving without working too much”.

Arti-Sport in case of joint problems

“Another solution may be to give supplements that have a soothing effect on muscles and joints such as Arti-Sport. This supplement visibly reduces the discomforts that a sport horse faces at an older age. The use of this supplement is not reserved for older horses; it can also have a preventive effect on younger horses that jump at the highest level. The product is approved by the FEI, so it cannot give a positive result in the doping test”. Arti-Sport contains Chondroitin, Glucosamine and Hyaluronic acid in order to provide nutrients for the cartilage and to support the shock-absorbing action of joint fluid.

“Another piece of advice I can give you is to make sure your older horse is warm enough when you really start training. For example, in winter I always ride with a blanket until I am sure my horse is warm enough. Also, don’t start jumping or doing heavier exercises until your horse’s muscles are warm to avoid discomfort.” she concludes.