Horse Joint Supplements


Horse joint supplements

Almost every horse will sooner or later suffer from joint complaints. Acute trauma or chronic stress leads to degeneration of the cartilage, remodeling of the surrounding bone, and inflammation with pain in the joint. This inflammation leads to an overproduction of synovial fluid of inferior quality, resulting in reduced shock absorption. Osteoarthritis is a vicious circle in which cartilage damage leads to more inflammation and where this body’s own inflammatory response leads to even more cartilage damage. Many classical medical treatments are therefore aimed at stopping this vicious circle of inflammation and further cartilage damage in horses.

Global Medics joint supplements aim to support and alleviate these complaints through the use of high-quality endogenous substances (glucosamine, collagen type 2, chondroitin, msm) and herbs (harpagophytum, boswellia serrata, ribes nigrus, yucca,…)

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