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Global Medics Human Healhtcare products

Global Medics has made a name for itself in equestrian sports through its high-quality supplements. At national and international competitions the products can often be found in the competition boxes. Among others, sponsored rider Constant van Paesschen indicated earlier that he is very satisfied with the Global Medics products for his horses. Global Medics does not only make products for horses, also in human medicine Global Medics has developed a good reputation. But how did this collaboration between human and veterinary medicine happened?

The first veterinary product appeared in 2006

“Actually, that’s a funny story,” says the Gijbels family, the developers of Global Medics. “In 2006, our first veterinary product for horses came on the market. This was in collaboration with various researchers and veterinarians. Arti-Gold was an immediate success: it turned out to work so well that even horse owners took the product to increase their range of motion. A real horse drug,” they said.

Supplements for joint problems

“Then the idea came to commercialize the product for human use as well and that’s how the human variant was born. The range for human medicine is not yet as extensive as that one for horses but especially for joint problems the human products offer relief.

The Arti-Forte helps people to promote their freedom of movement. Human users who want to increase their energy level a little can take Arti-Sport, a product that is also in our range for horses. Globulan is used to reduce irritation in the joints, as is P-Block. So if you’re looking for an equine remedy, but for human use, you’ve definitely come to the right place at Global Medics!”, they conclude.

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