Constant Van Paesschen

Constant van Paesschen - Global Medics Horse Supplements

Constant van Paesschen is one of the riders sponsored by Global Medics. “I am very satisfied with the products”, van Paesschen begins.

“In fact, there are three products that I use all the time,” he continues. “Hemachol” which I use mainly for two horses that have a little less blood than the others. We give them this supplement because it gives them a fresh feeling. You really notice that the horses feel better after taking Hemachol. I can also recommend this product at competitions. If your horses have to jump for three days, it is obviously very demanding on their bodies. As far as I am concerned, Hemachol is the ideal supplement for the daily feeding of our horses during competitions. By adding this supplement, they are always fresh at the start, even on the last day”.

Supplements during competition days

“In addition, I also often use Lacta-Fort and P-Block. We also give these supplements to our show horses. Horses that jump higher classes benefit a lot from this combination of supplements because it allows the horses to recover their muscles quickly and to recover faster after a big effort,” van Paescchen explains.

“We therefore use Global Medics supplements, especially with horses that work hard and often go to competitions. Young horses do not get these supplements or get them to a lesser extent. I now have a horse that just came back from an injury. I am going to use Muscle-Care on him to make sure his muscles recover faster so he can perform at the highest level in competition again.

“Would I recommend Global Medics supplements to my friends? Without a doubt! I am very lucky to have Global Medics as a sponsor,” van Paesschen concludes.